Hoffer Pest Solutions Bed Bugs Extermination Methods

To rid your home or business of bed bugs, our experienced bed bug control professionals will identify and treat all infected areas. Our bed bugs treatment options may include heat, steam, and conventional liquid chemical. Bed bugs are a small pest, but a big problem for homes and businesses in Miami Beach and South Florida. Contact Hoffer Pest Solutions for a free inspection and let us put those bed bugs to sleep for good.

bed bugs in the bed

The Hoffer Bed Bug Guarantee

If bed bugs return to your property between our regularly scheduled services we will return and retreat the area at no charge. Residential bed bug treatments must include treatment to every infected room to qualify for our guarantee. Commercial bed bug treatments apply to specific infected areas rather than the whole building.

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Treating Bed Bugs With Steam Application

Steam and residual insecticides are used to eliminate any bed bugs that may be hiding in your home or business. We use steam to treat them in the cracks, crevices and wall voids in your structure. We also use steam to access them under carpets and baseboards in the treatment area. 

Conventional Liquid Chemical Bed Bugs Treatment

We apply a liquid chemical to cracks and crevices and wall voids in the treatment area. The conventional liquid chemical bed bugs treatment includes hot spot sprays completed three times, each a week apart.


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