3 New Year Resolutions For A Pest-Free Home

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1. Handi-Work. 

  • Weatherproofing doors. Ever notice gaps around the perimeter of your door? These spaces are just big enough for even large bugs to take advantage of. Install aluminum or steel thresholds to seal off this space. For added protection invest in a door sweep which will eliminate any remaining space.
  • Screens. Don’t circulate stale air. Invest in window screens to let fresh air in and keep the bugs out.
  • Fill in cracks & holes. Take time to fill in visible holes and gaps around your home. If a pencil can fit into a hole, so can a mouse. If you’re having trouble identifying these areas, ask your exterminator at Hoffer Pest Solutions for an inspection.

2. Yard-Work.

  • Trim shrubbery. If your shrubs are thriving then more than likely the branches have gotten a little out-of-control. If the branches are close to your home, this serves as a bridge from the ground to your home. Keep your shrubs neatly trimmed to avoid welcoming bugs into your home.
  • Remove mulch, grass clippings, and piles of wood. Any type of debris around the foundation of your home can host bugs and serve as a subway between the outdoors and your home. Keep mulch and debris at least a foot away from your home.
  • Yard maintenance. Eliminate pools of water in your yard which serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and fleas. Make sure your drainage systems are working properly by keeping your lawn free of leaves and grass clippings.

3. De-Clutter and Clean.

  • Declutter. Bugs hide and breed in clutter such as piles of newspaper, clothes, or overflowing cupboards. Take the time to clean out cluttered areas to eliminate unwanted pests.
  • Clean. Store food in airtight containers and clean up any food debris leftover from meals. Bugs cannot survive if they don’t have anything to eat.

We know this list looks daunting, but start small with one project a week. We promise you won’t be disappointed with the results. For more tips or for an inspection from one of our certified pest control technicians, give us a call.


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