Eliminating Pests in Your Business is Our Business

Hoffer Pest Solutions makes eliminating the pests from your business our business. Managing a business is hard enough without worrying about pests trying to join your staff! We have 40 years experience keeping South Florida’s business community free from roaches, flies, rodents, ants, and other pests.

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Industry Specific Pest Control Solutions

Most businesses have a zero-tolerance policy for pests. You simply can’t operate a hotel, restaurant, healthcare facility, or any other businesses with pests running around! Hoffer Pest Solutions guarantees a rapid response time of four hours or less – allowing us to address your pest issue quickly.

Family checking into hotel

Hotels, Motels & Resorts

It only takes one pest found in one hotel room to damage your hotel, motel, or resort reputation. People are quick to jump on social media with photos and reports of ‘dirty’ hotel rooms – so make sure you have eliminated pests from your property and let Hoffer Pest Solutions prevent pests from returning.

Chefs in commercial kitchen

Restaurants & Bars

The restaurant and bar industry has high standards when it comes to pest control. Giving your customers a pest-free dining experience is vital to your success. Hoffer Pest Solutions will treat your bar and restaurant pest needs and provide documentation for third party audits as needed.

Food warehouse worker

Food Warehousing & Grocery Stores

Any business handling food must be clean and free from pests. Hoffer Pest Solutions offers the best defense against pests with innovative products and treatment methods to eliminate infestations quickly and prevent future infestations from occurring.

Office space

Office Buildings 

Maintain productivity by keeping your employees comfortable and safe from annoying pests. Hoffer Pest Solutions will design pest control procedures that eliminate existing pest infestations in the workplace while preventing future infestations so you can stay focused on growing your business.

Customer making a purchase


Protect your employees, customers and products from insects and rodents.  Hoffer Pest Solutions will design a retail pest control program that gets rid of and prevents pests from taking over your operation and scaring your clients away. 

Doctor and patient


Patient health in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities cannot be compromised.  Hoffer Pest Solutions will treat the interior and exterior of your facility, protecting against insect and rodent activity.  

Teacher and students


Protect your students, faculty and visitors pest and the problems they cause.  Hoffer Pest Solutions will design a pest management program that is tailored to your school, daycare of other educational facility.  Our team of pest control professionals will treat existing insect and rodent activity and prevent pests from returning.  

Professional, Thorough, Unobtrusive

Our professional technicians will handle your pest control solutions from the initial inspection through monitoring your facility for signs of re-infestation after we've completed the treatment.

Step One: Inspection

Our knowledgeable pest control technicians visit your site to inspect all known problem areas and locate any potential problems.

Step Two: Pest Identification

We'll figure out what pest species are invading your business so we can work on a plan to eliminate them.

Step Three: Development Of A Plan

Our team creates a customized treatment plan using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods to eliminate existing pest and prevent them from returning.  Our pest control solutions are designed to minimize potential health and environmental costs. 

Step Four: Treatment

Expert technicians apply the chosen pest control solution, taking care to follow all Federal, State, and Local regulations for safe treatment strategies. 

Step Five: Ongoing Monitoring

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your pest problems don't occur again.  We'll monitor your facility regularly to ensure a safe, pest-free environment.


The Hoffer Pest Solutions Difference

Our South Florida pest control company believes in developing long lasting relationships and open communication with all of our commercial customers:

  • State Certified & Licensed Pest Control Technicians - dedicated to providing innovated pest control techniques that comply with Federal, State, and Local regulations.

  • Customized Solutions - Hoffer Pest Solutions management and technician team thoroughly reviews your situation and needs and comes up with a treatment plan that is exactly right for you.

  • Convenience - We'll send all service related documents via email within one business day, give you email notifications before and after each service visit, and we offer consolidated billing. 


Catch up on the latest pest control news, pest prevention tips and advice from Hoffer Pest Solutions.  

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