Drywood Termite Treatment Options

Hoffer Pest Solutions offers four types of drywood treatment options:


Preventative Treatments

Hoffer Pest Solution technicians apply a borate-based inorganic salt treatment to exposed wood areas in your attic and home. It is an effective deterrent for drywood termites – when they come into contact with the material it prevents them from returning.

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Spot Treatments

If drywood termites have targeted areas of your home, we can apply spot treatments to just these areas. Spot treatments include electric shock through wood, liquid, or foam injections to drywood infested areas in your home.


Liquid “No Tent” Treatments

Liquid products used in the no-tent drywood termite treatment process are less intrusive than tent fumigation. Our technicians apply the liquid to all accessible wood found in crawlspaces, attics, and soffit vents. Drywood termites walk through the treated areas and transfer lethal doses of the product throughout the colony – leading to elimination of all termites in the colony.


Tent Fumigation Treatments

Among the most effective methods for drywood termite treatments is the tent fumigation process. It has a very high success rate for eliminating all termites in the colony, but requires much more preparation from the homeowners to complete.

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Drywood Termite Retreatment Guarantee

Hoffer Pest Solutions guarantee drywood termite treatments for one year (with an option to renew annually). If drywood termites return, we will come back at no additional charge to eliminate them.

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Tent Treatment Advantages & Disadvantages


Tent Fumigation Advantages

Tent fumigation is the most effective method for eliminating drywood termites during the first treatment.


Tent Fumigation Treatment Disadvantages

While tent fumigation offers the best success rate, it also requires homeowners prepare the home for treatment, including removal of food and medications. People and pets must vacate the home for two nights, which can be inconvenient.

Tent fumigation also poses a risk for property damage to roof tiles and landscaping.

No-Tent Drywood Treatment Advantages & Disadvantages


No-Tent Advantages

When you choose a no-tent treatment for eliminating drywood termites you do not have to prepare the home or remove pets from the home during the treatment.  Products used for no-tent drywood termite treatments offer long lasting residual protection to help prevent future infestation.


No-Tent Treatment Disadvantages

Multiple treatments are sometimes necessary when using no-tent treatments for drywood termites.


Exterior Pest Treatment With Termite Service

Normally $249

  • Purchase a termite treatment and receive an exterior pest control treatment for free.  

  • Exterior pest control includes a perimeter pest control application with a focus on doors, windows, and hard to reach crevices, removal of spider webs from accessible areas around your home, and a safe granular bait placed around the outside.

  • Excludes spot treatments for termites.  

  • Not redeemable for cash and cannot be applied to previous jobs.

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