Florida Lawn Care Facts

Do I Have A Problem In My Lawn or Shrubs?

The presence of disease, insects or weeds in your lawn is not a pretty sight for South Florida consumers. Not only can these conditions threaten the health of your lawn but they are unsightly and aesthetically unappealing.

These conditions reveal themselves in some obvious and not so obvious ways:

Proper identification of the pest, disease or weed is vital to successfully determining a plan of action to prevent and eliminate these threats. Call the lawn and ornamental care experts at Hoffer Pest Solutions today to schedule a no-cost inspection of your yard and keep it the envy of the neighborhood!

Lawn Care & Ornamental Shrub Tips

Keeping your lawn and ornamental shrubs healthy and looking good is what the professionals at Hoffer Pest Solutions do best. We have put together a list of helpful tips homeowners can follow to keep their lawns and shrubs in top shape:

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Professional Lawn Care Services

Don't have the time or energy to keep your lawn green and free of weeds, insect and disease?  Hoffer Pest Solutions provides customers with a wide range of lawn and ornamental shrub care services to prevent and eliminate harmful insect, disease and invasive weed species from calling your yard home. Our services include:


Mosquito Management Treatment

  • Included with purchase of an initial treatment of the Master Yard Care plan.
  • Applies to properties up to 10,000 sqft.
  • Not redeemable for cash and cannot be applied to previous jobs.

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