Hoffer's Mosquito Control Methods

Our experienced and certified mosquito control experts will wear a backpack blowing fogger to treat your yard, targeting mosquito breeding and resting sites. We offer several types of treatments: 

  • Monthly treatments applied year round

  • Seasonable treatments between April and September

  • 6-Pack treatment special

  • One-time treatment for a special event

Keep scrolling down to learn more about our professional mosquito treatment options.

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The Hoffer Mosquito Guarantee

If mosquitoes are terrorizing your yard after treatment, we will return and retreat the area at no charge.

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Monthly Mosquito Treatments

For areas where the mosquitoes make going outdoors unbearable, Hoffer Pest Solutions can apply the fog treatment on a monthly basis.

Seasonal Mosquito Treatments

Call Hoffer Pest Solutions for your seasonal mosquito treatments, applied monthly between April and September, when mosquitoes are at their worst!

6-Pack Mosquito Treatment Special

Purchase the 6-pack mosquito treatment and we’ll keep vouchers in your file at the office. Whenever you would like your yard treated, give us a call with 48-hour notice, and our team will come out and apply the mosquito control treatment. Vouchers are good for up to two years.

One-Time Mosquito Treatment

If you’re having an outdoor party or wedding and would like to minimize the annoyance caused by mosquitoes, contact Hoffer Pest Solutions for a one-time mosquito treatment.


Mosquito Management Treatment

  • Included with purchase of an initial treatment of the Master Yard Care plan.
  • Applies to properties up to 10,000 sqft.
  • Not redeemable for cash and cannot be applied to previous jobs.

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