Pest Control Facts

More than 12,000 insect species call Florida home – not all of them are considered pests but that is a whole lot of crawling and flying insects to deal with.
Pests can present a number of serious health threats to you and your family including: 

Do I Have A Pest Problem?

Pests can make you aware of their presence in subtle and not so subtle ways. For example, rodents are infamous for leaving their primary calling card – droppings – in foraging areas within your house.

Ants can leave a trail (literally!) from their nesting site to a food source in and around a structure and flies is quite a nuisance when you sit down at the backyard picnic table.

On the other hand, termites and bed bugs are far more elusive and secretive about their movements, preferring you not see how they carry out their destructive and disgusting behavior.

Homeowners may want to keep an eye out for the following signs that pests may be lurking:

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Pest Prevention Tips

Keeping your home environment pest-free can be achieved by calling the professionals at Hoffer Pest Solutions – we have more than 30 years of experience preventing and eliminating pests from residential accounts.

Homeowners can also do their part to prevent pests from becoming a problem. Hoffer Pest Solutions pest experts assembled the following list of tips to keep insect pests from invading your family’s sanctuary:


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