Rodents love to build nests inside homes and commercial facilities. 

They use the insulation for their bedroom and bathroom, feast on whatever crumbs of food they can find and leave their droppings all over the structure including in pantries and cupboards.  Not only are rodents gross, they can cause serious damage to wires, window frames, and more.  Mice, rats and other rodents also contaminate food and are a health threat to people and pets.  What’s more, rodents can also bring more pests into your home, as fleas, ticks, and mites can hitch a ride indoors on their fur.

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Hoffer's Rodent Control Methods

If you are currently enrolled in one of our Home Shield pest control programs, the trapping and removal of rodents is covered. We also offer rodent control solutions as a stand-alone service, helping you seal the exterior of your property to prevent rodents from entering, and removing the rodents currently inside. When you’re ready to take your home back from palm rats, mice, squirrels, and other rodents - fill out the form for a free estimate.

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Our Rodent Guarantee

If rodents return to your property we will return and retreat the area at no charge.  Should you still be dissatisfied, we will refund your last service payment – guaranteed! Check you service agreement for details.

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Exclusion Rodent Services

If rodents are found inside your structure you need to find where they are gaining entry and seal it to prevent further infestation. Hoffer’s rodent exclusion services will seal and close all points of entry.

Rodent Trapping and Removal Services

Hoffer Pest Solutions experts will place traps around your home and monitor them for a 5-day period. Traps will be replaced as needed, and rodents removed from traps as they are caught. If you currently have our Home Shield or commercial recurring pest removal services, rodent trapping and removal is included.

Rodent Bait Boxes

Our team of certified rodent removal experts place rodent stations with bait around the perimeter of your property on a monthly basis. Each month we return to inspect each station and replace the bait as needed.


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