Continuous Property Protection from Subterranean Termites

Hoffer Pest Solutions has completed extensive training to meet the rigid requirements for authorization to provide the Sentricon® service.  It is both eco-friendly and applied discreetly around your home. While other termite treatments require drilling in the foundation and floors of your home, or applying chemical solutions in the ground under your home, the Sentricon® System involves simply placing small stations around the home. The termite treatment begins working as soon as it is applied, eliminating the entire colony and offering continuous property protection:

  • Sentricon® System includes Always Active technology for long term protection

  • Sentricon® stations with Recruit® HD termite bait are positioned in high-traffic termite areas to bait termites

  • Termites consume the bait faster than they do wood, helping to accelerate the elimination process

If you want to protect your home from subterranean termite damage, contact Hoffer Pest Solutions to get started.

subterranean termites
million dollar termite guarantee

Million Dollar Termite Repair Guarantee*

Hoffer Pest Solutions guarantee subterranean termite treatments for one year (with an option to renew annually). If subterranean termites return and cause future damage, we offer a $1 million dollar guarantee.

*Hoffer Pest Solutions will fix and repair subterranean termite damage only for up to $1,000,000. This guarantee option is only valid when signing up for termite service. Please see service agreement for details.

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Subterranean Termite Treatment Process

The primary queen of a subterranean termite colony lays as many as 10,000 eggs per year – making it important to target the queen to end the home infestation.

Step One: Termite Inspection

Hoffer Pest Solutions certified termite control technicians visit your home or business to inspect the interior and exterior for evidence of termites. If found we’ll come up with a plan to remove them from your structure.

subterranean termite control

Step Two: Set Up Sentricon® Always Active Termite Bait Stations

If we determine you have subterranean termites we’ll begin setting bait stations around your structure to target the queen. Termites begin feeding on the Sentricon® stations as soon as they find them – starting the process of elimination immediately and providing continuous property protection. Ingesting the bait prevents termites from reproducing and growing the colony.

Step Three: Quarterly Termite Control Visits

As part of the HomeShield Advantage and HomeShield Complete programs, our termite control technicians will return to your property on a quarterly basis to repair or re-treat as needed.


Exterior Pest Treatment With Termite Service

Normally $249

  • Purchase a termite treatment and receive an exterior pest control treatment for free.  

  • Exterior pest control includes a perimeter pest control application with a focus on doors, windows, and hard to reach crevices, removal of spider webs from accessible areas around your home, and a safe granular bait placed around the outside.

  • Excludes spot treatments for termites.  

  • Not redeemable for cash and cannot be applied to previous jobs.

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