I have had Hoffer Pest Solutions for many years. They do a great job in controlling fleas and other outdoor critters; keeping them from getting into my home. Have had Jim D for years and now Brian. I highly recommend this company for any pest control needs.

Debbie W. reviewed on ReviewBuzz, October 2015


The entire Al Hoffer team is amazing. Super friendly service and always give me satisfaction. Cris is very knowledgeable, you can see he enjoys his job. He always does small things like removing all the spider webs on the property. He never seems to be in a hurry. I completely recommend the entire team.

Jose R. reviewed on Google+, September 2015


Great customer service and very professional. Was explained thoroughly what to expect from their service. Also very personable and patient. Will recommend them for sure.

Erika G. reviewed on Better Business Bureau, August 2015


Amazing customer service, treated plants for white fly, saved my birds of paradise, great lawn care and pest control.

Danna F. reviewed on Better Business Bureau, June 2015


I have had them for over 2 years and would not be without them.  Our Ficus hedges and lawn was infested with white flies and grubs and nearly dead. Ants crawled all over the house exterior and then got inside as well.  The technician comes and sprays as needed and the only evidence that he has been there is a small sign in the grass.  Our hedges, gardens and lawns are vibrant and green and look beautiful.  There is no evidence of ants on the exterior walls and windows and we never get an ant inside the house either.  They obviously know what they are doing and are very satisfied with the results.  I would recommend highly, especially when we see that most of the neighbors have hedges dying of white fly infestation.  The technician is really knowledgeable and very pleasant and polite.

Thomas Base, Coral Springs, February 2013


In late August, 2012, we saw signs of what we suspected might be termite activity in our home, so we decided to join Angie's List in order to find a competent inspection/extermination service.  Based upon Angie's List Super Service Award and many positive customer reviews, we called Hoffer Pest Solutions Termite-Lawn-Pest Service.  In less than two hours, Bob, the inspector was at our door.  After a thorough inspection, both inside and out, Bob verified that we had dry wood termite activity and proposed a treatment plan at a reasonable price. (We were relieved to hear that treatment would involve spraying, not tenting.)  We accepted the proposal, and service was scheduled for a few days later.  The technician arrived on time to perform the treatment and did an excellent job in a very professional manner.  It was clearly explained that follow up treatment may be necessary but there would be no additional cost to us.  A few weeks later, we did see minor signs of activity.  We called Hoffer Pest Solutions and the tech arrived shortly thereafter to do a follow up treatment.  As of Feb. 2013, we have not seen any more signs of dry wood termite activity.  A job well done by Hoffer Pest Solutions!  We would highly recommend them to anyone.  Although we certainly hope that we do not need their services again for termites, we will call them if we do.

Richard Judd, Plantation, February 2013


Our service went great. Good price, excellent service and results. My home and dog are bug free for the first time in months. I noticed one single tick after the last treatment and they sent out the technician for a third treatment no questions asked. Highly recommend!

BJ Morris, Pembroke Pines, November 2012


We woke up one morning and noticed that there were ants in our kitchen everywhere. We called our previous pest guy and he said he couldn't come out for at least a week. I decided to call 2 other companies including Hoffer Pest Solutions Pest and they were the ones that had the quickest availability. They sent their pest guy and he was very professional and gave us the explanation on why so many ants were coming in because of the storms. All around professional service A+, will use again. Even had them spray my lawn for other critters!

Susan Nelson, Boca Raton, Sept 2012


They are excellent. I have an annual contract with them. They do continuous service. They respond immediately if there is any problem. The person they send has been very knowledgeable of any issues I have encountered. He is very helpful, very accommodating and punctual. He is perfect. The service they provide is perfect.

Herber Beyenbach, Boca Raton, May 2012


The gentleman who came to give me the estimate was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He was also very thorough going over my entire lawn and shrubs. The estimate was fair and I signed up for regular treatments of my lawn and shrubs (every 2 months). The technician arrived on time and was also very thorough, taking the time to treat everything. I am very pleased with this company and have recommended them to my neighbor who is calling for an estimate today.

Eileen Lawson, Dave, May 2012



James Ellis, Willton Manors, June 2011


Hoffer Pest Solutions Termite Lawn Pest is wonderful and they showed us what to look for. The last guy was so knowledgeable that he went and looked in spaces that I would never even stop to look and there was evidence of termites. So at that point we signed the contract and they have been prompt, knowledgeable and no mess no fuss. They are very good. He did such a great inspection.

Kris Kelly, Pembroke Pines, June 2011


We have been using them from many years.  They are the only ones who seem to be able to take care of preventing carpenter ant infestation and the lawn looks great.

Dale Bernstein, Coral Springs, June 2011


We have used this company for 9 years. They are reliable, courteous, and professional.

Pat Lawson, Ft. Lauderdale, May 2011


All their service people are polite, efficient, professional, and nice.  We have had their pest control and lawn care services for 20 years.

Wilfred David, Boca Raton, November 2010


They have been servicing my house for one year and are doing an excellent job.  My house no longer has any bugs.  Excellent customer service!

Kim Schultz, North Miami Beach, April 2010
















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