Hoffer Controls Whiteflies For South Florida Property Owners

Whiteflies are much more likely to be a problem in warmer climates, which is why South Florida property owners have to contend with these pests.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take whiteflies long to grow their numbers and when that happens they prove to be a nuisance that requires attention to keep under control.  If you’ve detected a whitefly infestation, Hoffer Pest Solutions can help.  We use the latest and most current whitefly treatments, and will work with you to eradicate your whitefly problem before they cause widespread damage.

whiteflies attack indoor and outdoor plants

Not Sure If You Have A Whitefly Problem?

We recommend the following steps to help discover if whiteflies are a problem for you:

If you suspect whiteflies are attacking your plants, contact Hoffer. The sooner we inspect and treat the infestation, the better chance we will have for successful results.  

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