Hoffer's Wildlife Control Methods

For the last four decades, Hoffer Pest Solutions has been helping South Florida homeowners and businesses eliminate and prevent pests and wildlife from damaging their property.

The first step in removing wildlife from your property is to inspect the area to determine what kind of wildlife we’re dealing with. Once we determine the likely nuisance wildlife around your property, we use humane live traps placed around the areas of activity. We charge a flat rate for our wildlife control services. Our certified wildlife experts will monitor the traps daily for five days, and remove any of the animals that are caught on your property.

raccoon invading South Florida property

Exclusion Wildlife Services

If you have the unfortunate experience of raccoons, opossums, foxes, armadillos, squirrels, or rodents gaining entry to your home – Hoffer Pest Solutions’ exclusion services will seal and close all points of entry to prevent these animals from entering your home.

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Raccoon Control 

Primarily nocturnal animals, raccoons forage for food throughout the night. Females with babies can also be found foraging during the day to find food for her young.  These wild critters live and nest in both residential and commercial structures, causing considerable damage and contaminating building materials and belongings with their urine and feces.  Let Hoffer deliver you from your raccoon problem with effective raccoon control services.

Squirrel Control 

If the squirrel population gets out of control you will see signs of damage including gnaw damage on structures or sounds of activity in your attic. Squirrels like to burrow under insulation to nest.  For squirrel removal in South Florida, contact Hoffer Pest Solutions.  

Opossum Control 

Opossums are known for playing possum – which is when they feign their own death as a defense tactic! They can be found living in attics, under sheds, or under decks.  When you contact Hoffer for opossum control, you can count on our wildlife removal team to evict your unwanted guests.  

Fox Control

As cute as they are, foxes can cause expensive damage to homes and businesses. Foxes may also steal chickens, piglets, small household pets, and sheep. They may carry rabies or distemper.  Protect your home and family from fox problems by contacting Hoffer today. 

Armadillo Control 

Armadillos are expert diggers and can cause serious damage to your lawn or garden. You might find them in holes under your porch, the foundation of your home, or near gas and water lines. The holes can cause foundation damage to your structures.  Their burrows can also attract other animals.  Contact Hoffer for armadillo control and protect your home and property.  


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