Eliminating The Creepy Crawlies With Hoffer Pest Solutions

For many people, when it comes to movie selection, it is based on mood.  This can be to keep your current mood or adjust it, depending on circumstances.  For example: if you feel like a laugh or had one of the worst days imaginable at work, you treat yourself to a comedy or animated feature: if you’re a person who wants to be challenged or informed by a film, you would want to watch a documentary or a gripping drama; and if you want to feel that warm and fuzzy feeling, especially when on a date, you turn to the romantic comedy.  For select moviegoers, they search out that chilling tale that tends to haunt and excite:  the horror movie and its less gory counterpart: the thriller.  Most well done horror movies take a typical situation and twist it subtly.  For example, take a typical dinner party.  There are usually well dressed guests in attendance and good food, drinks, and conversations to be experienced.  When it comes to a horror movie, all of these things do happen, however, there’s always the villain who has that hidden dark secret that the guests get to experience firsthand.  Storylines aren’t the only method that these filmmakers employ.  They will often exaggerate environments, often enlisting some of the tiniest of creatures; the insect.  This is usually done during something called a reveal:  the hero or heroine is constrained and upon regaining consciousness, they open one eye to see a dirty workshop or cell. Close-ups are often used on household pests, cockroaches skittering across the floor, centipedes moving at their slinky slow pace, all with their footfalls being amplified.

This type of thing is enough to make any insectophobe cringe. So imagine seeing these horror movie extras creeping across the floors, or even worse, your counters of your home. Instantly your mind races, thinking about the number that are in your home. Is it just a lone pest, who got lost or is there a small legion behind your walls? Don’t make your own horror movie in your home, call Hoffer Pest Solutions, a Weston pest control company.

Turn To Hoffer Pest Solutions For Your Pest Elimination Needs
It always is unfortunate when you find an excellent service provider and when you attempt to call them for additional work, you find out that the company has gone out of business.  That is something you won’t have to worry about with us.  We have been in business for four decades, are family-owned and are committed to provide the best services for southeastern Florida communities.  By choosing us, you give back to the community by supporting local businesses.

We understand that letting strangers into your home can sometimes be an intimidating experience.  Because of this, before we hire our technicians, we do a full background check and drug test.  While having an insect infestation isn’t something you ever want to experience, we want to make sure your experience with us is the best.

Go Green With Hoffer
Each of our highly trained and certified pest removal technicians are always looking for ways to improve their services.  We are always looking for new and innovative methods to serve you.  One of these methods is by using new chemicals in our treatment processes, including using more products that are friendlier to the environment.  We are committed to leave as small of an environmental footprint as possible when it comes to treating your home.  And because we are local, we want to make sure that not only your homes are safe for your family, but our families for generations to come.

A Typical Visit From South Florida's Pest Control Experts 
What should you expect when one of our technicians first sets foot on your doorstep?  During our preparation service call, we will take a tour of the property, making sure that our treatments are going to be effective and as stress free as possible.  We tour the exterior, pointing out potential hotspots for insects to gather as well as eliminating any infestations that may be occurring at the time.  After that, we make sure that we remove any conditions that may cause new unwanted visitors.  After inspecting the perimeter, we will take a look on the interior, identifying and eliminating existing infestations, as well as treating potential entry points and removing any nests, adding additional prevention of new infestations.

After the preparation visit, we will begin your pest removal program by pinpointing insect harborages, and apply chemicals directly onto those sites, encouraging pests to leave your home.  On the exterior, we take time to make sure that your home is further protected by taking a two-step approach.  The first step is that we use a residual insecticide to eliminate current infestations, as well as removing spider and nests.  The second step is that we apply a granular bait which will deter pests from making your home their stomping ground.

Just like your automobiles and home appliances, you will want to maintain your pest control plan by having us out to make sure your home is as safe and bug free as possible.  When we’re contacted, we will come out and perform the same inspections that we performed during the initial and preparation visits, which includes the monitoring the previous insect hotspots and identifying new ones, removing any new conditions that may have arisen as well as reapplying our insecticides on your exteriors, making your home safe once more.

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