Don't Bring Bed Bugs Home

When you go on a trip, there is a good chance you're going to bring something back with you. If you're a big game hunter, you might bring back the antlers of a giant moose. If you enjoy the beach, you might bring back a beach towel or some sunglasses you found in one of the many shops along the beach. If you go to Disney World or some other theme park, there's no telling what kind of treasures you might bring back. But, no matter where you go, there is one thing you definitely don't want to bring back with you. Yup. Bed bugs.

Where Bed Bugs Hide

This is a pest that is spreading like wildfire across the United States. In the early 1990s, you would have been hard-pressed to find them anywhere. But now, there isn't a state in the entire country that doesn't deal with these pests.

Here is a quick list of places you can find bed bugs:

  • Hotels, motels, and resorts. It doesn't matter how nice the resort. Bed bugs do not infest just dirty places; they can be found in 5-star luxury accommodations.

  • Log cabins and camps. If you're going to go try and bag that moose mentioned above, you need to know that bed bugs can be found in the north. These pests don't live outside where it is cold. They live entirely inside, where it is almost always warm.

  • Movie theaters and other public places. There are a wide variety of public places these bugs have been found infesting; which is because bed bugs can also feed on humans that are fully awake.

  • Taxis, buses, trains, planes, and other public transportation. You can pick bed bugs up before you even get to where you're going. And, even if you've thoroughly checked your room, you can get them when you go out.

What Signs To Look For

No matter where you are, always be on the lookout for bed bugs. Learn to:

  • Recognize these bugs when you see them. Proper identification is your first line of defense.

  • Know what these bugs smell like. If bed bugs are infesting a hotel or a taxi cab, the smell should give them away. These insects release a pheromone smell that some describe as a dirty locker room towel.

  • Do an inspection. Look for black fecal pellets, black fecal streaks, shed insect casings, and blood staining. These can most often be found on sheets, pillowcases, mattress seams, and the stitching of upholstered furniture.

What To Do If You Accidently Bring Them Home

If these bugs come home to Florida with you, don't try to get rid of them on your own. These bugs are hard to eradicate. Have the bed bug specialists here at Hoffer Pest Solutions exterminate those bugs safely, effectively, and quickly. We have a proven track record and the education to quickly and discreetly get bugs out of homes and businesses in Southern Florida.

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