We have a lot of exotic insects living here in the Sunshine State, but bed bugs are not one of them. The bed bugs we find in Florida are the same bed bugs being found all over the country. And the answer is no. Although some bed bugs have vestigial body parts that look like wings, those "wing pads" are not capable of giving these bugs the gift of flight. So, you can rest easy. You don't have to worry about them flying through your window when you're not looking or diving bombing into your hair while you're walking around. That's good news, isn't it? But not all bed bugs facts are good news. Here are a few common questions we get about bed bugs and some things you can do to protect yourself.

"I'm not filthy. Why did I get bed bugs?"

There is a stigma attached to bed bugs that dates back many centuries and still plagues us to this very day, but it is unwarranted. Bed bugs are not drawn to filthy people or filthy homes. They are drawn to any place that will provide a blood meal. Bed bugs need blood in order to breed and survive. For this reason, they can be found in the cleanest and most well-kept homes and businesses throughout our state. Knowing this can protect you when you are traveling. Be sure to check for signs of bed bugs on your mattress whenever you stay somewhere away from home, even if it is a 5-star resort and even if it is a trusted relative. This can prevent bed bugs from returning home with you.

"Do bed bugs only live in warm climates?"

Nope. Bed bugs live inside. This is even the case for other similar bugs that live in the wild, like bat bugs. These insects dwell near their food source, whether it be in a cave or a million-dollar mansion. That is why bed bugs can be found in Northern states, even Alaska! So, if you're a snowbird who travels north during the summer, keep in mind that bed bugs are there as well.

"Do bed bugs come through the wall?"

If you are a homeowner, you are not likely to have bed bugs enter your home from outside walls. But bed bugs do travel through--and live inside--walls. If you find bed bugs in one bedroom, there is a chance those bugs have traveled to adjacent rooms in the house. If you live in an apartment complex, these pests can come through the walls from a neighbor. To control bed bugs, the entire building must be inspected.

If you have bed bugs in your Florida home, business, or apartment complex, Hoffer Pest Solutions can help you solve the problem fast and effectively with cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading procedures. Speak with a representative today and get immediate relief from these blood-eating pests.

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