The summer sun is blazing here in South Florida, but back-to-school sales are in full swing. It’s that time of year when parents are starting to breathe sighs of relief as they see the light at the end of the tunnel. As you prepare your kids for another year of school, don’t forget to do your pest homework! Pests are most likely the last thing on your mind, but kids and teachers aren’t the only ones heading back into the classroom after a summer of fun. There are many common pests that spread quickly throughout students at schools and then hitch rides home, leading to a potential infestation in your home.

We’ve gathered some helpful tips about common pests and what you can do to prevent infestation.


Lice thrive on the mantra “sharing is caring.” Head lice easily move from person to person and can rapidly spread throughout classrooms. If you have a young child in a classroom environment where children often share toys and personal items, you should be particularly cautious.

Tip: Teach your children that sharing is great, but it isn’t always a good idea to share jackets, hats, brushes, or hair ties. You can be extra cautious by checking your child’s hair weekly for adult lice and nits (eggs).


You’re all too familiar with the mess young children leave behind after snack time. Ants enjoy snacking on the crumbs found around classrooms. Ants can then find their way into your child’s lunchbox and straight to your home after school.

Tip: Keep food in sealed containers and immediately clean your child’s lunchbox once they bring it home for the day. Avoid sticky messes and spills inside the lunchbox to prevent attracting ants.

Bed Bugs

Sending a kid off to college this year? Your new college student is excited to move into their dorm, but so are these tiny hitchhikers. Bed bugs can wreak serious havoc in a short amount of time. They spread very quickly and travel on clothing, bags, and even on public transportation, like a bus seat.

Tip: Before moving your college student’s belongings into their new dorm room, conduct a thorough search for signs of bed bugs. If you hear of an outbreak at your child’s school, check your own home for potential infestation. If you suspect your child may have transported them home it is wise to have an inspection completed by a local bed bug expert to prevent the infestation from spreading.


Cockroaches love living the college life. Many college dorms are messy, creating an inviting environment for roaches to live. Your children at home may also have a habit of leaving behind a mess in the dining room or the kitchen.

Tip: Keep your sink and kitchen clean after every meal. Dispose of any food or crumbs that may have fallen during mealtime to prevent attracting them to your living spaces.


You might despise the smell of your child’s gym or sports bag, but spiders don’t mind it a bit. While most spiders are harmless (and actually very useful pests!), there are a few spiders in Florida that can be dangerous.

Tip:Teach your child to be cautious when reaching into their sports bag. You can also have them leave their bag in the garage to avoid carrying spiders into your home.

Don’t let pests invade your home this fall! Stay alert and turn to Hoffer’s Pest Control for answers to your pest problems.