Florida Termite Control

Do you like history? We can learn a lot from history. History shows us things that have happened in the past so that we are not doomed to repeat our mistakes. One of the things history has shown us is that subterranean termites can completely and utterly destroy a home. If we look back through the last decade we can see what has worked to fully prevent this damage.

Since its creation, the Sentricon® System has proven itself time and time again. If it hadn't been a part of over 60 scientific studies by independent researchers and universities where it was shown to be amazingly effective, or the only termite control product to be a recipient of the U.S. EPA Green Chemistry Challenge Award, its track record for preventing termite damage in homes and businesses over that last two decades would be enough. This is a system that has a strong history of destroying termites.

What is it? Sentricon is a termite bait system. When termite workers look for food, they find a poisoned food source placed in bait stations around a structure that is being protected. When they find the bait, they bring it back to their colony, feeding other termites as they go. This poison works its way all the way back to the queen, and when the queen dies, the colony dies.

What if termites don't see the bait? Termite workers don't forage like ants do. When they find something to eat, they don't focus on one spot and eat away at it till it is gone. They eat away at many areas all at once. This is most likely because the food source for ants is harder to come by and they must take full advantage of everything they find. Termites eat wood and their food source is abundant. But this doesn't mean termites aren't picky. They can travel as far as a football field from their colony in search of an appropriate food source. And, since the Sentricon bait is scientifically proven to be more desirable to termites, they will choose it over the wood in your home.

At Hoffer Pest Solutions, our educated and knowledgeable staff employs the Sentricon System as one of the ways we protect Florida properties from the destruction of termites. And, we back it with a million dollar termite damage guarantee. When you need termite insurance in Florida, you can trust Hoffer.

History has shown that Sentricon works. If you'd like those termites to be history, reach out to us today and let our team of highly trained pest professionals help you get the Sentricon System in place.

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