Top 5 Ways To Prevent American Cockroaches From Entering Your Home

They are nasty; they are creepy, and they love to live with us. Yes, we're talking about the American cockroach. But just because they love to live with us, doesn't mean we have to let 'em. Here are 5 ways to keep American cockroaches out of your Florida home.

  1. Smells. A good defense starts with a good offense. If you make your yard less interesting to cockroaches, you'll have fewer nasty roaches crawling around on your exterior walls. You can do this by getting rid of anything that smells like cockroach food. Since these cockroaches are attracted to rotting and decaying organic matter it is extremely important to make sure all outdoor trash is in sealed containers.
  2. Water. Cockroaches aren't just looking for food. If you have a water source near your exterior walls, it will make your home more attractive to these roaches. Make sure all of your gutters are in working condition and unobstructed. Look for any areas where rainwater collects and fill those areas. If you have any pipes outside, or inside, your home that weep or leak, get them fixed.
  3. Entry points. While it is impossible to seal cockroaches out, having exterior walls that have no gaps, cracks, or holes can help to resist them. Do a close inspection of your walls and use a caulking gun or foam to fill in trouble spots. American cockroaches can compress themselves and slip through very tight spaces, so no gap is too thin to fill in.
  4. Insecticide barrier. If you want a complete barrier that cockroaches can't get through without dying, an application of pesticides is needed. These are insects that can crawl up walls, walk on ceilings, and even fly short distances. For a safe and effective application of insecticides, a professional pest control company is a necessity.
  5. Clean. You've probably heard that keeping your home clean can resist cockroaches. This is true of American cockroaches, but if you've done the 4 steps above, then you don't have to worry as much about keeping things clean inside your home. What you DO need to worry about, however, is wiping off your shoes before you enter your home, especially if you have stepped on a cockroach recently. Cockroach eggs can hatch without their mother, and these are small enough to get stuck in the tread of a shoe when the mother is crushed.

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