4 Common Types Of Scorpions In Florida!

Scorpions in Florida are something you might not expect to see. There are 4 species of scorpions in Florida, dating all the way back to prehistoric times. The following is a guide that shows you what types of scorpions live in Florida, where to find them, and how to avoid them!

Florida has four main species of scorpions, the Florida Bark Scorpion, the Guiana Striped Scorpion, the Southern Devil Scorpion, and the Hentz Striped Scorpion. All three of these are attracted to a new food source and a place safe from predators, which means you might find them trying to enter your home. Along with this, because they can reproduce several times per year, you could find yourself prone to an infestation if you don't act quickly!

Do Scorpions In Florida Sting?

All scorpions have a long tail that contains venom, which they inject into their prey. This venom is what causes the pain and discomfort associated with a scorpion sting, but it won't cause any long-term damage unless you've been stung multiple times all over your body. Since the species in Florida are very small, no longer than an inch to an inch and a half, even if you get stung several times it probably will not hurt you too much more than a bee sting would!

There haven't been any reports of fatal scorpion stings in Florida, but if you are allergic or are young or elderly they are something to keep a keen eye on.

All species of scorpions in Florida aren't aggressive and will only sting if it's their last resort or if they get stepped on.

Florida Bark Scorpion:

The Florida Bark Scorpion is the largest Florida scorpion on our list, and can grow up to four inches long!

The venom of the Florida bark scorpion is believed to cause pain, numbness, tingling, swelling, nausea/vomiting, elevated blood pressure and possible breathing problems.

But this specific breed of scorpion usually grows to be about 3-4 inches long! Their sting isn't deadly but it can cause you issues if you're allergic. They are typically dark brown with a lighter underside, including yellow lines on their back.
These scorpions generally feed on termites, spiders, and other small insects, so they are generally found closer to more tropical areas in Florida. If you have loose woodpiles around your home, this would make a suitable home for these types of scorpions.

Guiana Striped Scorpion:

This type of scorpion is very small and typically doesn't grow larger than 1.5 inches long, but is able to grow between 1-3 inches long. They're usually yellow in color and feature two dark-colored stripes which run lengthwise around their body! And although their sting isn't as deadly as other types of scorpions, it still packs a punch; especially with those pinchers.

This type of scorpion is generally found in Miami-Dade County but they've been reported in other counties as well.

Because of their smaller size, the Guiana Striped Scorpions are more likely to be hidden under debris, stones, or wood in order to stay safe from predators.

Southern Devil Scorpion:

The southern devil scorpion (also known as the little devil) is one of the many species of scorpions living in Florida. It has no public health significance but its sting can be quite painful for humans so use caution when handling them!

Growing to between 2 inches and 3 inches long, Southern Devil Scorpions eat spiders and other larger insects as their main food source. They are generally all brown, with a noticeable stinger.

Hentz Striped Scorpion:

The Hentz Striped Scorpion is a small scorpion native to Florida, growing to be less than two inches long. It has a yellow-brown back and a pale belly with dark blotches down its midsection. Like all other scorpions, it can sting but it doesn't pose any significant danger to humans so you don't need to worry too much about this one!

The Hentz striped scorpion is known for living in low vegetation such as tall grasses so they are likely to be found outside especially near trees. They eat crickets, spiders, and cockroaches that they catch with their claws.

Final Thoughts On Scorpions In Florida

So now you know the different types of scorpions in Florida! Although there are many harmless types to be encountered, keep an eye out for them just in case if they appear near your home more frequently. Stay tuned for further articles about the wildlife of Florida!