Cockroaches: Bad for Business

Before we really dive into the question of just exactly why cockroaches are so bad for business, we first want to go over what a cockroach is and what species are commonly found in our area. Cockroaches are a type of scavenger. In the wild, cockroaches are actually beneficial (who knew?) and are responsible for getting rid of decaying matter. However, when cockroaches enter inside commercial establishments, they are far from beneficial. They are actually very dangerous, damaging, and let’s face it, just plain icky. The most common species that are found invading businesses and causing headaches and stress for business owners in South Florida are the American cockroach and the German cockroach.

Whether American, German, or any other species of cockroach they are usually drawn to the same things: moisture, food, and areas that provide them with damp, dark, safe shelter. Cockroaches can enter into a commercial property on their own as they are foraging for food and water, usually through cracks found in basements, gaps found around windows and doors, or along the spaces found around utility lines/pipes. They can also be accidentally introduced through deliveries or packages that are brought into your facility. One thing is for sure, once they get inside, the cockroaches will make themselves right at home- immediately foraging for food, contaminating spaces with their shed skins and feces, and laying their eggs to create even more cockroaches.

Now, back to the question at hand, why are cockroaches so bad for business? Well, there are many, many reasons, but listed below are the top 5 reasons why cockroaches are no good for South Florida business owners!

  1. Cockroaches carry bacteria and diseases on their bodies and legs that can make people very ill. Remember, before entering your business they were crawling through sewers, dumpsters, feces, decaying carcasses, and drains.

  2. Cockroaches will make the products you are trying to sell unsellable after they have crawled over, on and/or through them. Cockroaches will cost you a lot in contaminated, wasted inventory.

  3. The shed skins and feces that they leave behind can make you, your employees, and your customers very ill. They can trigger severe allergic reactions and allergy attacks in some people.

  4. They are very bad "news" for businesses. News of somebody spotting a cockroach in your facility will spread like wildfire and damage your business’s reputation within the community.

  5. Cockroaches hide in the dark crevices and corners of buildings, and once inside your establishment, they are very difficult to control and eliminate. Cockroach infestations grow very quickly; and before you know it, your business could be home to hundreds or thousands of unwanted unsanitary guests.

To protect yourself, your employees, your customers, and your inventory it is best to be proactive when it comes to cockroaches and partner with a pest control company that is experienced in the business of cockroach elimination and control. At Hoffer Pest Solutions we offer customized commercial pest control services that meet the needs of any business we serve. To make sure that your South Florida business becomes and stays free of cockroaches and other pests, call the commercial pest control experts at Hoffer Pest Solutions today!

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