4 Signs Of Grubs On Your Lawn + Fixes

Reading about lawn grubs might not seem like the most exciting topic, but it is one that you should probably learn about in order to protect your lawn. While lawn grubs may seem unassuming they can actually work together to turn your once healthy, lush, green lawn, into one that has lost its luster and has dry brown spots throughout it.

But, before we talk about the signs of lawn grubs, let’s talk about what lawn grubs actually are. Lawn grubs are soft bodied c-shaped larvae that have legs which are located close to their head. They are usually white or cream colored and feed on the routes of grass and other organic materials that they find under the surface of your lawn. Lawn grubs mature into beetles, that then emerge to the top of your lawn in order to lay their eggs. From those eggs new grubs will emerge to continue the cycle of feeding on and destroying your lawn.

Now, lets learn the signs of a lawn grub infestation- knowing the signs is important so that you can get help to get rid of them sooner than later. The faster you can eliminate a lawn grub infestation, the less damage they will be able to inflict, and the sooner you can get your lawn looking green and lush once again!

4 Signs Of Grubs On Your Lawn:

You might be thinking "how to tell if you have grubs" and it can be difficult to know for sure, but thankfully there are some tell-tale signs of grubs in your lawn:

  • Irregular patches of brown grass throughout your lawn; if lawn grubs are present the grass in these patches should be able to be very easily pulled from the ground and will not have a root attached.
  • An increase in activity from wildlife species like birds, raccoons, and skunks. These and other wildlife species will dig up your lawn to feed on the grubs that are present.
  • Your grass will have a “spongy” feel to it when you walk on it. Before a lawn starts dying it will become spongy.
  • Noticing large amounts of beetles flying around your lawn; females maybe scouting out your lawn as a place to lay their eggs.

If you notice these signs or just have a feeling that you lawn may be infested with grubs, the professionals at Hoffer Pest Solutions can help. Our South Florida pest control experts will come to your home and inspect your lawn, if it is determined that lawn grubs are present and need treatment our pros can help, using of our top quality, safe, lawn insect control products.

Once the lawn grub infestation is taken care of we can help you to maintain a year-round healthy lawn through our lawn care services. Call us today, to talk with one of our experts about lawn grubs, or about any other issues you may be having with your lawn!

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