Termite Awareness Week

There is one insect that everyone should learn to identify by sight as well as be able to recognize the signs of infestation, and that is the termite. Correct identification of any pest is the first step towards correct treatment and eradication.

Contrary to what you may think, the termite can be hard to detect by the untrained individual. Signs of termite damage are easier to spot, but by the time the damage is visible, considerable harm has been done. To complicate things even further, swarming termites look very similar to flying ants and are often confused as such. However, correctly identifying which of the two are in your home will greatly determine the type of service needed. There are three characteristics that can quickly and easily determine whether you are infested with termites or carpenter ants.

  1. Antennae: Termites have straight antennae while the antennae of ants have a distinctive bend much like an arm bending at the elbow.
  2. Waist: Termites have a straight waist and the ants have a tightly pinched waist.
  3. Wings: Termites and ants have 2 sets of wings. All 4 wings of the termite are the same length. One set of the ant’s wings are noticeably longer than the other set.

Committing these three physical characteristics to memory will greatly enhance your ability to properly identify the difference between termites and ants. Even then, termites are not very big and are very adept to staying out of sight, making it difficult to discern their presence.

While many insects invade your property and expose you to health risks, very few insects are truly a threat to the physical structure of your home. Of those that are, termites lead the list. The very thought of a termite infestation is enough to cause fear and concern. The truth of the matter is that termites are known for inflicting billions of dollars of damage to buildings each year. The real danger is that they can do this for a long period of time without you even realizing they are inside your home. By the time you do realize that they have been methodically eating away at your home, the physical structure will have been severely compromised. The other danger of a termite infestation is that it means you are more than likely dealing with the entire colony of termites which can number into the hundreds of thousands of wood eaters.

The Professional Pest Management Alliance works very diligently to promote public awareness of termites and will be holding their fifth annual Termite Awareness Week March 13-19, 2016. PPMA’s goal is to educate homeowners on the dangers of termites and on how to best protect their homes. For South Florida residents, Hoffer Pest Solutions is your best solution for termite protection. Our process not only eliminates termites; we can also prevent them from returning. This is done with very thorough termite inspections, implementation of a termite control plan, and regular termite monitoring. Hoffer’s guarantee is that your termites will be history.

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