Get Ready for Termites in Florida!

Warm Florida weather means termites are an ever-present threat to you and your home, especially during the spring. Before peak termite season hits South Florida, you’ll want to make sure your home as prepared as possible from these highly threatening pests. Get ready for termites in Florida by asking yourself the following questions:

Have you been using DIY treatments?

Are you relying on do-it-yourself treatments? Relying solely on foams, insecticides, oils, or another natural or self-induced remedy?

If yes- stop! While DIY treatments might be a simple, short-term solution to deterring termites, there are numerous dangers to self-identifying and self-treating termites. DIY treatments can be ineffective and result in more costly damage in the long run! Termites are one of the most dangerous pests in the U.S. Don't combat them alone- turn to the professionals to get effective relief that lasts.

Are you giving termites what they want?

Is your home giving termites basic necessities like food or water? Do you have wood in contact with the soil via deck, fencing, or spare firewood? What about standing water, leaks, or excessive moisture in your basement, crawl space, or attic?

If yes- make a change! Wood that comes into contact with the ground gives termites the perfect habitat filled with food, moisture, and shelter. Wood-to-ground contact includes everything from door frames and sheds, to spare firewood and outdoor furniture all create a temptation. A termite expert will offer advice to avoid at-risk wood. Also take note of any leaks, faulty pipes, or standing water in or around your home, which could be giving termites needed moisture. Work with your pest control pros to determine if your home is experiencing either threatening wood-to-ground contact or excessive moisture.

Are you ignoring signs of termites?

Do you see signs of mud tubes on your home’s foundation walls, support piers, or floor joists? Do you have cracked or disturbed paint, hollow-sounding wood, or sawdust-like remnants near tiny holes in wood? Have you noticed swarming insects, particularly in spring?

If yes- don’t ignore these tell-tale signs! This abnormal activity could mean termites are feasting behind your back. Take note of any problem areas. While it’s certainly difficult to determine termite activity, if there’s the slightest indication of termites, you’ll want to give your local pest company a call.

Has it been a while since your last home inspection?

When was the last time your Florida home was thoroughly inspected for termites? Has it been over a year? Not certain it was a thorough inspection?

If yes- take action now! Routine inspections, performed at least once a year by a trained termite professional, are the best way to prevent termites. A thorough inspection involves studying your property from top to bottom, including the attic, foundation, perimeter, and crawl space or basement. Contact your local pest control company, like Hoffer Pest, to schedule a termite inspection as soon as possible to prepare your home for peak termite season.

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