What’s the Difference Between Drywood Termites and Subterranean Termites?

Termites invading a property.

As a Floridian, you’ve probably dealt with termite infestations in your home at least once or twice. When it comes to termites, there are two main types: drywood and subterranean. Each type has its own unique characteristics, which can make it difficult to determine which one is infesting your home. In this blog post, Hoffer Pest Solutions will discuss the differences between these two types of termites, so you can better identify the type that is causing problems for you.

Where are They Found?

Drywood termites are typically found in dry, wooded areas. They do not require moisture or humidity to survive, which means they can live in any type of climate. Typically, drywood termites are found nesting in areas such as doors, walls, flooring, or any other type of wooden structure.

Subterranean termites, on the other hand, are usually found in moist or humid environments. They need moisture to survive, so they are typically found hiding near water sources in the ground, specifically soil. They also create mud tubes in the ground that they use as a tunnel to keep their nests as well as enter your home.

When Do They Swarm?

Typically, drywood termites tend to swarm at night. Subterranean termites, however, typically swarm during the day, specifically after it has rained. Although both of these termites can cause damage to your property, subterranean termites are often a much larger threat than drywood termites because their colonies can be as large as one million.

What Do They Look Like?

Depending on their maturity or role within the colony, drywood termites’ appearances can be very different. The reproductive drywood termites, known as alates, are often brown or black. Soldier drywood termites are a bit smaller than reproductive termites and can be cream or brown. Worker drywood termites, which appear to be the smallest, are typically cream colored and appear white when they are against wood.

Worker subterranean termites look similar to worker drywood termites and have a soft white body with no eyes. However, soldier subterranean termites have a yellow/brown head and reproductive subterranean termites, also known as alates, are typically a dark brown or black color.

Even if you can identify the type of termites invading your home, you will still need professional termite control for your property. If you need to schedule an appointment for termite control on your Florida property, give us a call at (954) 590-0477 or fill out our online contact form to speak with one of our team members!

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