Termites in South Florida Aren't a Seasonal Pest

There are many bugs that you have to look out for when each new season comes, but one enjoys staying put all year-round. Meet the termite. Termites are pests that wreak havoc on your home every day of the year. They are like the holiday house-guests that just won’t leave, and the worst part is that they have probably been there all along. Year-round protection from termites is the only way to get rid of termites and prevent costly damage.

What You Must Know About Termites:

Termites are the bugs that like to munch on your home all year long. Termites look similar to flying ants, and they are about the same size. Termites have straight waists, straight antennae on the top of their heads, and long wings. You won’t see them, however. In most cases, the only way to know if you have termites is by the destruction they cause and the wings they discard around your home. Usually, only pest control specialists can tell you if you have termites.

Termites feast on your home’s wooden structure 24 hours a day. That’s right. While you go about your normal daily routine, they eat. They can do so undetected because they hide well in walls, under decks, and in attics. If you find you have a termite problem, it is probably much larger than you think. The queen can lay hundreds of eggs each year of her long 20-year life. Eating your home is a family affair. Termites work together to build large hills and tubes to access wood in your home.

A single colony of termites can eat 1,000 pounds of wood each year. That’s a lot of framing in a single year, and the worst part is that termites can be found in all but 1 state in the US – if you don't have plans to move to Alaska any time soon, your odds are not looking good. The smallest crack in your home is just the right size for a termite to enter, and once one is in, the whole family takes up shelter in your place.

Identifying termites is difficult because there are more than 40 species right here in the US, and they can slip into your home without you even knowing it. That is why it is more important than ever to seek professional services all year-round to identify and prevent termites in your home.

Preventing Termites:

The thing about preventing termites is that you can’t do it alone. Just when you think you have found the problem and gotten rid of a termite, what you don’t know is that there are hundreds more hiding in your walls. You need year-round treatment and protection from home-destroying termites. The professionals here at Hoffer Pest Solutions offer a comprehensive termite control plan that includes inspection, control, and monitoring for all termite types. The plan has worked for more than 40 years, which is how we can guarantee complete termite control.

Serving Palm BeachBroward and Miami-Dade counties, contact Hoffer Pest Solutions today to learn more about our effective termite control services!

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