Homeshield is Your Force Field Against Florida's Pests

Your home is inarguably the largest investment of your life. You have spent years pouring over magazines and websites deciding which features you like best and how you will decorate it when you finally get it. You have diligently worked to save your down-payment pinching every penny possible along the way. Then, the day finally comes when you are ready to plunge head first into this huge investment. That’s when all the fun begins. You contact a realtor and describe exactly what it is you are looking for and the options that you simply must have. You spend the next several months really getting to know your realtor as you invest countless hours touring home after home in search of the one that will give you exactly what you want. Finally, you find the perfect home in the perfect location and you are so excited that you would sign on the dotted line and move in today if you could. 

A month passes and that perfect home is finally yours. You spend the next few weeks moving in and getting settled. You are so enamored that you hardly notice that moving is work. You really can’t even believe how upset you are with yourself when you accidentally put your first ding in the wall of the upstairs hallway; I mean, you could just sit down and cry. All of that time, energy, investment, and commitment and you scratch it up the first chance you get! You set to work patching that 1-inch ding that seems as if it is 20 feet long to you swiping at the tears as you work. 

Finally, everything is in its place and it all looks so beautiful. You just want to pinch yourself to be sure it isn’t all just a dream. You look around in satisfaction and try to think about all the details to be sure you have crossed every ‘T’ and dotted every ‘I’. After all, home ownership is quite new and unfamiliar to you. Let’s see…flood insurance –check; fire and casualty insurance – check; warranties mailed on all appliances – check; contract signed with utility company – check; lawn service established – check; pest control set up – ch……. Oh no! You never even thought about that! What should you do? 

Well, the best way to protect your Florida home is to put a ‘shield’ around it! That’s right; Hoffer Pest Solution’s HomeShield residential pest control solutions are the perfect plans from the most trusted name in Florida pest control. Whether you choose HomeShield Classic for basic pest options, HomeShield Advantage for common pest issues plus termite control, or HomeShield Complete for all the benefits of the other plans plus mosquito and fire ant control, you are assured that pests will not be a concern for you. With these affordable year-round plans backed by Hoffer Pest’s 40 years of experience and our Eco-friendly options that safely and effectively eliminate pests from your home, you can rest easy in that easy chair sipping coffee as you watch those waves gently lap the shore knowing that pest worries are a thing of the past. 

Don’t wait until pests have brought diseases or destroyed the integrity of your home before you think about pest control; contact Hoffer Pest Solutions today and put a pest ‘shield’ around your home.

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