Keep German Cockroaches Out

Can you imagine sitting in a diner just getting ready to take a bite of your delicious grilled cheese when out of the corner of your eye you see a little brown bug scurrying from behind the salt shaker, across the table, and out of sight down the side? What would your reaction be? It is doubtful you would actually take that bite, no matter how much you were craving grilled cheese. There is a good chance that in less than an hour the health department or all of Twitter, or both, would know about this experience. Who could blame you? What is worse than pests in a restaurant?

Ironically, millions of homes across the country are invaded each year by pests both large and small. One infestation that is sure to make the hair rise on the back of your neck is the German cockroach. Of all the cockroach species, the German cockroach may just be the most widespread across the country, traveling from place to place in bags or boxes or even used appliances or furniture. In apartment buildings, cockroaches can easily infest an entire building through the walls and under doors. Just the thought of having them take up residence in your home is enough to make you cover your head with your blankets at night.

Frankly, you should be worried. The German cockroach is not a nice houseguest. Though they do not bite, they can still easily cause your family to become ill. Cockroaches can contaminate your supply of food if they find their way in, but even if they don’t, there are other ways they can make you sick. How? By the amount of time they spend scurrying back and forth to the areas that contain bacteria such as the bathroom, trash cans, and drains. Wherever they step in your home, those harmful bacteria stay with them and are spread by them. Imagine what germs you would ingest after they scurry across your cutting board.

There are other reasons why these guys are harmful. They seek out crumbs, find their way into cereal boxes and bread bags, and eat the glue from your wallpaper and book bindings along with anything else that contains starch. The results can lead to damaged property and illness.

Protect your home with tidy habits. Make sure that you keep your kitchen clean. Wipe counters, close containers, sweep the floor and take out the trash. Ask that your family refrain from taking food into their rooms. Crumbs and plates left behind can attract pests. Keep your pet food up and put it away if they are not eating it. Also, maintain leaky pipes and drains. There isn’t a spot on the planet that cockroaches like more than a damp environment close to a food source.

Like many pests, the German cockroach is nocturnal. The problem is that most of us do not even know they are there until the infestation is severe. These little guys are fast, reproduce quickly when they find hospitable surroundings, and are tough to kill. Do not go it alone. Call Hoffer Pest Solutions for an inspection of your home and to help you eliminate the threat to you and your family’s wellbeing.

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