A Pest Warning For Snow Birds In South Florida

Having a home in Florida to spend the cold winter months of the year is a dream come true for many people who live in colder areas of the country. Leaving the home vacant for part of the year is an invitation for pests to move in, however. Some common pests that invade when homeowners are away include rodents, cockroaches, and ants.

In South Florida, ants are a year-round problem but as the temperatures drop below 60, they tend to look for warmer areas like the inside of your home. It gets a little harder to find food outside when the temperatures get a little cooler, so sugar ants (also known as ghost ants) will start to come indoors.

Cockroaches like warm weather and will move into your home as soon as the first colder spell hits. They can contaminate your foot, cause allergies, and carry bacteria that can cause diseases. Not only that, but cockroaches can sometimes bite.

Rodents are always looking for shelter and easy access to food. They tend to live in packs which means if you have one in your home – you have many. Mice and rats can cause structural damage by chewing on electrical wires and even cause a fire.

Pest Prevention Tips
It’s important to take prevention measures against pests in every home, but even more important in a home that you leave for part of the year. Do the following pest prevention tips and reduce your risks of a pest infestation:

  • Caulk any holes in exterior walls

  • Inspect and repair screens that have holes or rips

  • Inspect and replace door sweeps and weather stripping

  • Eliminate all food sources that could attract or help feed pests, including dog food, open trash cans, compost piles, bird feed on the ground, etc

  • Eliminate wood and cardboard from lying on the property

  • Store food in air-tight containers

  • Clean up spills and crumbs immediately

If you are struggling to get rid of ants, cockroaches, rodents, or other pests give the expert technicians at Hoffer Pest Solutions a call. Serving Coral Springs and all of Broward County as well as Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties, our team has been trained to detect the source of infestation, identify the species, eliminate your current pest problem - and can help prevent future infestations. Contact us today for the best in South Florida pest control!

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