Keep Pests At Bay By Taking Preventative Steps

When you are living in the Sunshine State, you likely want to spend your time enjoying the amenities of this beach-heavy location. Warm sun, hot sand, lots of water and plenty of outdoor activities to explore. You do not want to spend your time battling bed bugs, pests and rodents around your property. Hoffer Pest Solutions is here to offer you some advice for keeping pests and bugs away.

Bugs and pests are attracted to a variety of different items you are likely to find in your yard. By taking a few preventative steps, you can reduce or eliminate the risk of unwanted visitors (these techniques may not be effective for in-laws…)

Termite Prevention

For homeowners termites are probably the most feared pest, and for good reason. Termites can quickly chew away at the wood portions of your home causing major damage to the structure and foundation. Worse, the damage is not always visible immediately so they can do a lot of damage before you even know you have a problem.

The best way to deal with termites is to keep them away from your home. To discourage these unwanted guests, keep woodpiles stored away from your home. Additionally, cut away branches and brush that sits close to the foundation of your home. Inspect your home frequently for rotted wood and repair it as quickly as possible. Termite control professionals can help you identify risks and potential signs of an infection. Call us today to schedule a comprehensive inspection of your property.

Bed Bug Prevention 

Next to termites, bed bugs are likely the most irksome household pests. Bed bugs bite, and spread very quickly. They can be hard to spot and getting rid of them often takes a lot of time. Many people do not know they have bed bugs until the bites start showing up because these bugs like the dark and may not show their faces during the day.  Many homeowners bring in bed bugs from hotels or through the purchase of used furniture (couches, mattresses etc.). Friends and family members exposed to bed bugs can even bring them into your home! Simple preventative measures include:

  • Inspect your hotel mattress: Before you unload, take a few minutes to check out the mattress, box spring and headboard. Pull the sheets down and check the corners of the mattresses. You can tell the bugs have been there if you see brown spots on the mattress or the bugs themselves. Make sure to notify hotel management if you wake up with bites while you are at a hotel.
  • Wash laundry etc.: Once you return from a trip, wash all of your laundry and wipe down your luggage before your put your stuff away. Make sure to dry items, this will kill any bugs or eggs. Place no-pest strips (portable pesticides strips you can toss later) into your suitcases and seal them for two weeks. This will kill any eggs or bugs in your luggage.
  • Purchase used furniture cautiously: If you can avoid it, never buy used mattresses. Used mattresses are a hotbed of yuck and a major culprit in new infestations. Inspect used couches and chairs before bringing them into your home.

Outdoor Pest Prevention Tips

Keeping your yard free from garbage and debris is one of the easiest and most effective pest prevention methods. Florida humidity brings out the bugs and if your yard is unkempt, you are giving them plenty of hiding places on the road into your home. Take precautions to keep your yard in good condition and reduce the risk of infestation from pests and bugs.

  • Store garbage in a can: All of your garbage should be secured in a garbage can or a recycling bin with a lid. Raccoons, cockroaches, rats and even gators enjoy munching on garbage that is easy to get. Keep these critters away by locking your garbage away. You will keep the animals away and save yourself a big cleanup.
  • Cut your lawn: Most states have some reprieve from the lawn mowing months. Florida does not. Mow your lawn at least biweekly. This will help ensure your lawn stays short enough to discourage the building of bug homes.
  • Get rid of dead wood, trees, etc.: Unless you are storing wood for a fireplace (which you should keep at least 20 feet from your home and about 5 inches off the ground), remove excess wood scraps from your yard. Dead branches and even dead leaves are great breeding grounds for bugs.
  • Maintain landscaping: If you have plants, shrubs or bushes near the home, make sure to routinely pull weeds, and keep overgrowth away from the foundation of your home. Your garden will look nicer and you will make it more difficult for bugs to get into your home.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your home stays pest free is to utilize professional residential pest control services.  Hoffer will inspect your home to ensure that you don’t already have bugs and rodents stopping by and provide a list of simple ways you can improve your property to reduce the risk of future infestations.

Preventative measures are always the best option when it comes to pest control. Let us help ensure that your home stays pest free, contact us today!

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