There are three pests that will cause your heart to skip a beat when you realize they have invaded your space. Bed bugs, termites, and rodents seem to be the most dreaded pests, and with good reason. These bugs can cause extensive damage to building structure, carry diseases, just plain wear you out with emotional stress, or all of the above. Whether it’s your home or your business that is affected, you can count on Hoffer Pest Solutions to be your solution.

Bed bugs are a tiny pest that will cause huge emotional stress mainly due to the stigma that has long been associated with them. It was once thought that these bugs would inhabit homes or businesses that were run-down and filthy. Not so! These pests will invade anywhere there is a meal for them no matter what the sanitary conditions are. So, basically, anywhere humans are, they will go. These tiny reddish-brown insects were almost completely eradicated at one time, but have made an amazing comeback in the past decade. Bed bugs are extremely elusive; and, contrary to their name, they can be found just about anywhere they can fit. They do not just hang out in your bedroom waiting for you to be fast asleep so that they can munch down on your yummy blood. These nocturnal creatures sleep the day safely hidden away in any old room they please. They get their name from the fact that beds are usually where you notice them first because of the blood stains on your sheets, bite marks on your body when you awake, and brownish-black fecal matter they deposit on your mattress during and after feeding.

Termites are an especially destructive little pest. They cause over $5 billion in damages each year here in the United States. These creatures feed on the wooden structure deep inside your home. They travel from the ground to your home by way of mud tunnels that they create in order to avoid sunlight. This makes these creatures very elusive, and they often remain hidden for years doing significant damage to your home or business before you even know they are there. They live in colonies numbering anywhere from 100,000 to 1,000,000 strong at least five to ten feet underground and usually within fifty feet of their food source. The damage that these creatures cause is typically not covered by most insurance policies leaving the homeowner or business owner holding the financial bag.

Perhaps the most dreaded of all is the rodent. These creatures not only cause damage to your home or business, but they can also carry and transmit harmful diseases to your family or customers. Some estimates indicate that around 40% of all structure fires of previously ‘unknown origin’ were actually caused when mice or rats chew through electrical wires. They actually have the need to chew continuously, so they will chew through just about anything they find. They will also rummage through your pantry searching for food contaminating anything they come into contact with. Mice, rats and other rodents do not have the best potty habits and will leave their droppings and urine and the germs they contain wherever they roam. If that isn’t bad enough, they also play host to ticks, fleas, lice and other unscrupulous parasites that carry harmful diseases in their own right.

No matter how you look at it, the appearance of any of these dreaded pests requires immediate action. The most effective way to control pests is with the help of a trusted pest control company like Hoffer Pest Solutions. Here at Hoffer, we understand that your pest issue began in the great outdoors, and once we have safely eliminated your problem, we will work with you to eliminate the root cause that allowed these pests access to your home or business in the first place.

We also understand that time is of the essence. Not only prompt eradication of these pests, but also the time constraints associated with running a business must be considered. This is why we work with businesses and offer convenient after-hours services whenever possible. This keeps your business pest free and your operational hours free from interruptions.

Our pest control specialists are highly trained, certified, and have undergone extensive background checks including drug testing. We have built a reputation over the past 40 years for safe, effective pest control services backed by impeccable service and integrity. Give us a call today and let our family serve yours. You will be glad you did.

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