It’s hard to believe that in just a few days 2015 will be in the memory books and we will be at the dawn of 2016.  The turn of the New Year is always an exciting time.  It brings us hope that this year will be a bit better than the last as we all contemplate our past accomplishments and defeats and plan a new strategy that will bring success - which brings us to our New Year’s resolutions.  This is where we promise ourselves that we will continue with what worked and disregard what didn’t as we resolve to make new promises to ourselves about how we will be better and live better, healthier lives.  But, the sad truth is that most of us will allow life to defeat us in those promises.  I mean we never even really get out of the gate!  Sure, you may actually go and purchase that gym membership, and you may actually go – once or twice.  Then the kids get sick, the car breaks down, and the dog needs a trip to the vet. Yup, we get busy and all those wonderful resolutions seem to fade off into the sunset.

There is, however, one resolution out there that is not difficult to keep, and it will help improve the health and well-being of your entire family!  Pest Control!  What does pest control have to do with the health and well-being of my family, you ask?  Well, that’s easy to answer.  Pests such as mice and cockroaches carry with them a myriad of diseases and bacteria that will make you and your family sick.  The illnesses can range from flu-like symptoms or allergies all the way up to hemorrhagic fever and the plague.  Not to mention the ticks, fleas, and mites and the diseases they can transmit that are part of the package deal when mice move in. 

So how exactly can you keep this resolution to become Pest Free in 2016 when so many others fail?  Well, simply put, you can afford to hire one of the most reliable pest control companies in Florida to be your ‘pest control partner’.  Hoffer Pest has over 70 years of experience in Florida pest control issues and has the highly trained staff needed to back up those years with proven products, strategies, and application practices.  

The specialists here at Hoffer will not only eliminate any existing pest issues, but we will help you to understand and address any areas in and around your home that are giving these pests access.  You know, like the things that are drawing the pests to your yard in the first place and the gaps in your home that allow them to enter.  

When you apply Hoffer’s knowledge and expertise and your resolve to live a happier, healthier pest-free life, well, that’s when you create a winning team.  Give Hoffer Pest a call today to set up your inspection.  That is the first step in keeping your New Year’s resolution, perhaps for the first time!

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