What Kinds Of Businesses Can Hoffer Pest Solutions Help?

In business since 1975, Hoffer has been protecting businesses from pest in South Florida. Learn more about the services offered by Hoffer Pest Solutions and how they may help and protect your business.

Professional Bed Bug Control

If you have a business that could be affected by bed bugs, then Hoffer can help; but, before you relax and take a breath of relief thinking your business isn't the kind of business that has bed bug problems, consider the following places that bed bugs have made an appearance. Not only do these blood-sucking pests invade hotels and motels, they have also shown up in places like libraries, movie theaters, buses, trains and planes, or anywhere else where there are beds or furniture. These are not bugs that can be kept out simply by keeping things clean. These pests are known to infest even the cleanest 5-star accommodations. The reason for this is bed bugs travel in on people, and they can thrive anywhere they are able to find a blood meal.

Hoffer treatment options for bed bug control include heat, steam, and conventional liquid chemical. If you have bed bugs, or need to keep them out, call for a free inspection today.

Professional Termite Control

If you have wood in your building, then you are at risk for termites. The Southeast is known for having the highest rate of termite infestations in the entire United States. If drywood or subterranean termites have infested your business, here is a summary of the termite control process Hoffer Pest Solutions offers.

  • Termite inspection: We will do a thorough examination of your structures, inside and out, and provide detail options to protect your property.
  • The termite control plan: Our pest control experts will then exterminate all termites using methods and products that are nationally recognized as the most effective.
  • Termite monitoring: Finally, if needed, we will continue to monitor for termite activity on your property.

 At Hoffer, we are so confident that we can get rid of termites, we offer a million dollar termite repair guarantee! (See agreement for details.) 

Professional Lawn Care

If your business has a lawn, Hoffer can help with that as well. The lawn services we offer include: fertilization, insect control, weed control, fungus control, tree fertilization and ornamental shrub fertilization. The lawn care specialists at Hoffer will first assess your landscape and work with you to determine which services will work best for you.

So, what kinds of businesses can Hoffer Pest Solutions help? The answer is simple. If you have a business, Hoffer can help. We offer the above services as well as the most advanced pest control available in the industry. When you need to know that your business is safe from government audits and surprise inspections due to pests, you can count on Hoffer Pest Solutions.

Give us a call today let us help you protect your Florida business from bugs and wildlife.

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