Tips for Watering Your Lawn as Efficiently as Possible!

A healthy well-watered lawn is beneficial for many reasons. A green, healthy, lush lawn increases the curb appeal of your home, allows for you and your family to enjoy it by spending time playing and entertaining on it, and acts as a natural sponge to provides a good filter to absorb toxins and other not so nice things before then have a chance to enter into our streams and rivers.

So know that we all know that a well-watered lawn is a good thing for many different reasons, how do you water properly? Well, that’s where the lawn care pros from Hoffer Pest Solutions come in, listed below are some easy tips to efficiently water your lawn!

Lawn watering tips:

  • Before choosing to start watering your lawn, check your local ordinances for any watering restrictions that may be in place.
  • Once you start a watering routine don’t stop, allowing your grass to go back and forth from being watered to not being is very stressful and damaging for it.
  • To maintain a green lawn it will need ¾ to 1 inch of water per week.
  • Avoid frequent watering by making sure when you do water that it soaks into the soil, this will help to maintain a healthy root system.
  • Avoid over watering- remember rain water counts!
  • Use an automatic water system to ensure a more even watering, you want to avoid flooding certain areas of your lawn or causing other areas to not be watered at all.
  • Water early in the day when the temperature is cool and the grass is already wet with dew; or in the late afternoon or early evening. Doing this will help to prevent a lot evaporation.
  • Let your grass grow a little taller. Taller grass will give it more protection, maintain moisture, and allow for deeper root growth.
  • Leave grass clippings behind, they will help to add nutrients to the lawn, keep the soil shaded, and maintain moisture levels in the soil.

Watering and caring for your lawn can be a big undertaking and Hoffer Pest Solutions is here for support. Our experts can provide help and information, and if you have decided that lawn care isn’t your cup of tea, we can help with that to! Hoffer Pest Solutions can provide year-round lawn care services to ensure that your lawn is properly watered, fertilized, insect free and looking and feeling its best!
Contact us today for more information about our year-round Eco-friendly lawn care services in Broward County, Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade County!

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