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Lake Worth Pest Control Starting at $36/Mo

You don’t have to live with annoying pests in your home. Let our team of expert pest control technicians keep your home pest free!

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Your Local Pest Control Experts

Hoffer Pest Solutions has serviced the Broward, Palm Beach, & Miami-Dade counties since 1975. Whether you're dealing with roaches, rodents, termites, or bed bugs, there's no one better to do the job than your local exterminators at Hoffer! We are proud to offer same day pest control services when you call before noon.

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Pest Control in Lake Worth

When pests invade your home, you’re left feeling uncomfortable and uneasy. Let our team of experts keep your home pest free this summer! Our pest control services in Lake Worth are guaranteed to bring you peace of mind and allow you to feel comfortable in your home again! 

Highest-Rated Exterminators in Lake Worth FL

Lake Worth is home to a variety of common Florida pests, including ants, mosquitoes, rodents, and more. Here at Hoffer Pest Solutions, we rid your humble abode of pests and keep them gone for good - guaranteed! Trust our fast and effective Lake Worth pest control services.

Receive $100 off our home shield classic pest control plan!

Trustworthy, Highly-Trained Exterminators

We are proud to be known as the highest rated pest control company in Lake Worth. Our customers are our top priority, so you can be sure you’re receiving the best quality service from our team of highly trained Lake Worth pest control experts. We treat your home as if it were our own, so you can trust that when you put it in our pest control care, you’re in good hands!

Our Pest Control Packages

Hoffer Home Shield Classic Package Icon

Home Shield Classic

This basic quarterly pest control and monitoring program will keep your home protected from many common pests including ants, roaches, rodents, and spiders.

Hoffer Home Shield Advantage Package Icon

Home Shield Advantage

We treat and protect your home quarterly against rodents, ants, roaches, other common insects, and termites.

Hoffer Home Shield Complete

Home Shield Complete

Our most comprehensive package, including year-round protection from general pests, termites, and the benefits of mosquito, flea, and tick reduction treatments.

Effective Pest Control Treatments in Lake Worth FL

Our pest control services in Lake Forth include:

  • Routine pest inspections
  • Comprehensive treatments
  • Preventative measures
  • Same day services when you call before noon
  • and more!

We visit your home on a quarterly basis to ensure pests both inside and out are kept away from your home, offering a variety of pest control packages to tailor our services to your specific needs.

Receive a free pest inspection of your property!

Termite Control in Lake Worth 

Termites in Lake Worth can cause serious damage to your home if left untreated. Your home is one of the greatest investments of your life - why not protect it?

Our Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Lake Worth is home to both subterranean and drywood termites, and the treatment plan will vary depending on your specific infestation.
When our team of qualified termite control experts visits your home they’ll first inspect your home for signs of termite activity. Once they identify the termite type, they’ll begin crafting a treatment plan specific to your home’s needs. 

Trust Us to Get the Job Done Right

Termites are tricky creatures, and there are certain skills and knowledge needed in order to effectively remove and prevent termites from destroying your home. Our team is highly qualified and expertly trained to ensure we take care of termites for good, so you can rest assured your investment is protected. Termites are capable of causing thousands of dollars in damage, so our mission is making sure your home is safe from harm. Every single one of our Lake Worth termite control specialists has been highly trained and certified to apply treatment barriers and liquid applications with precision. 

Our Million Dollar Guarantee

All of our subterranean termite treatments in Lake Worth come backed with our satisfaction guarantee. If termites return and cause further damage to your home, we’ll return and retreat your home for free. Put your home’s safety in our capable hands!

Receive a free external pest treatment with our termite service!

Mosquito Control in Lake Worth

Summer is just around the corner - and you know what that means. Mosquitoes invading your outdoor barbecues and parties. What’s more, your kids can’t even play safely in the backyard without the risk of harmful mosquito bites!

Protect Your Family From Harmful Diseases

It’s no secret that Florida is home to many disease-carrying mosquitoes, so it is important to keep your family protected with effective mosquito control services. Mosquitoes in Lake Worth can carry diseases like:

  • Zika Virus
  • Malaria
  • West Nile
  • and more!

Don’t let your family be exposed to danger. Our Lake Worth mosquito fogger services keep your loved ones safe – so that’s one less thing you have to worry about this summer.

Effective Monthly Treatments 

Our mosquito control services in Lake Worth help reduce your local mosquito population, leaving you with fewer mosquitoes to deal with throughout the year! We also offer one-time mosquito control services for special events! Keep your guests comfortable and prevent mosquitoes from crashing the party. 

Receive a free quote on all of our mosquito control options!

Bed Bug Treatment in Lake Worth

Everyone wants to feel comfortable and safe in their own homes - after all, it should be a place to relax and unwind. Bed bugs disrupt your routine and your relaxing environment, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and uneasy. Our bed bug control in Lake Worth rids your abode of those pesky pests and restores your peace of mind so you can rest again.

Customized Bed Bug Treatments

Every bed bug infestation is unique, so we don’t take a “one size fits all” approach to your bed bug control in Lake Worth. Our team of highly trained bed bug experts inspect your home for infestation and craft a personalized treatment plan custom to your needs. 

Quick Relief - Guaranteed!

Our mission is to help you feel at ease in your home. Each of our Lake Worth bed bug treatments are accompanied by our satisfaction guarantee. If you find bed bugs in your home following our service, just give us a call and we’ll return to retreat the infested area free of charge. That’s our promise to you!

Receive a free quote on our bed bug treatment options in Lake Worth

Rodent Control in Lake Worth

Rats, mice, squirrels, and other rodents can easily find their way into your home, ready to nest and feed on anything they can find. Keep rodents out of your house this summer with our rodent control in Lake Worth!

Quick and Effective Removal

Once you suspect rodents have invaded your home, you need to act fast! Rats and mice carry harmful diseases as well as pests like fleas and ticks into your home, putting your family at risk. Our rodent exclusion services in Lake Worth are covered for homeowners currently enrolled in our Home Shield pest control programs.
Our technicians trap and remove rodents currently living inside your home, then set bait boxes around the perimeter of your home’s exterior property to monitor on a monthly basis. This allows us to not only remove existing rodents, but keep them from coming back! 

One Time Rodent Removal

Not a current customer taking advantage of one of our comprehensive pest packages? No problem! We’re here to help. We also offer rodent control solutions as a stand-alone service. Just fill out a free estimate form or give us call.

Enjoy a free rodent inspection of your property

Ant Control in Lake Worth

Ants are annoying and can be potentially dangerous. Our ant control treatments in Lake Worth are here to help! You and your family should feel safe, comfortable and relaxed in both your indoor and outdoor living spaces. So if you’re looking for preventative treatments, or already have ants crashing your party, our ant control experts in Lake Worth are here to help.

Indoor and Outdoor Ant Infestations

Our ant control treatments in Lake Worth include finding and eliminating all nesting locations both outside and inside your home. Places ants commonly nest are:

  • Outdoor Nests: in the ground, beside or under rocks, and wood piles 
  • Indoor Nests: baseboards, bathroom areas, and kitchen drawers or cabinets

Ants commonly enter into homes through doors, windows, and drains in the search of food or shelter. Which is why immediate treatment to both outdoor and indoor areas is advised to effectively exterminate any current or potential ant infestation. 

Why Choose Hoffer?

We promise you and your family the most efficient ant control treatment in Lake Worth and the highest rated customer experience in South Florida. If you receive anything less we guarantee free re-treatments or we'll make it right. But don’t just take our word for it - see what our loyal customers are saying about the Hoffer experience on our Google profile. 

Let the experts at Hoffer provide you superior Lake Worth pest control today!

Receive a free pest inspection of your Lake Worth home!

Wildlife Removal in Lake Worth

While wildlife may be nice to observe from a distance, when they enter your home, they can be a major concern and nuisance to you and your family. At Hoffer Pest Solutions, we provide wildlife removal in Lake Worth for greater protection. All of our solutions are 100% humane and will help you get rid of wildlife in accordance with state laws and regulations. 

Our wildlife removal in Lake Worth entails:

  • A free home inspection conducted by one of our expert technicians.
  • Protection from a variety of wildlife such as opossums, racoons, foxes, armadillos, squirrels, and more.
  • Swift and safe wildlife removal for optimum peace of mind.
  • 5-day monitoring of traps following service to ensure complete removal.
  • Your satisfaction guaranteed!

It’s time to take back your home from nuisance wildlife pests! Team up with the professionals here at Hoffer Pest Solutions with 40+ years of experience to take back your home and keep your family safe!


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in our pest control services in Lake Worth that all of our recurring services are backed by our satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with your Lake worth FL pest service, simply let us know and we will return to retreat your home, free of charge for you. 

*Guarantee not applicable to one-time services.

Get quick relief from pests today!

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