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Wildlife Management In Southern Florida

There are a number of fascinating animals in Southern Florida that can be fun to see out and about. Raccoons have tiny little human-like hands and sweet, innocent looking little masked faces. Squirrels are entertaining to watch as they scamper from tree to tree, chasing each other and flicking their tails. Opossums, though they don't really sleep upside down dangling by their tails, are still cute little critters.

Yes, these and other Florida wildlife such as fox and armadillo can be fun to see, but having them living on your property can be problematic. That is why wildlife management is so important.

  • Raccoons are nocturnal animals that will forage for food throughout the night. Their little hands allow them to be able to get into a number of spaces such as garages, porches, attics, and other places where they can cause considerable trouble. They are known to knock over garbage cans and spread trash around and will contaminate belongings and building materials with their urine and feces.
  • Squirrels, if their numbers get out of control, will cause damage such as gnaw marks on structures. If they take up residence inside your attic and wall voids, they can destroy insulation and may chew on wires, which can lead to a house fire.
  • Opossums also like to take up residence inside attics, as well as underneath outer structures like sheds or decks.
  • Foxes are known to steal chickens, sheep, piglets and even some small household pets!
  • Armadillos are known for causing damage with their digging. They can destroy gardens and landscapes, cause foundation damage if they dig close to your home, and other issues if they dig too close to water or gas lines.

These animals not only cause physical damage to your property, they are known to carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans or pets. If you have any of these or other destructive wildlife living in your attic or on your property, don't take chances with your health or possessions; get professional help with Hoffer's wildlife control.

What To Expect From Hoffer's Wildlife Control Services:

Hoffer's wildlife control starts with a thorough inspection of your property to determine exactly what animal or animals are present. Once determined, we will use only humane methods, such as live traps, to capture and remove the animals. Traps are set up and monitored for five days and all animals removed are taken and released into the wild well away from residential areas.

Don't take chances with wildlife on your property, let the certified wildlife experts here at Hoffer make sure your home and your family are safe.