Total Lawn Care - That's The Plan

Imagine hiring a lawn care company and having a technician show up, treat for crickets, and leave. Would you be calling that company again? Of course not. You're also not likely to call back a company that doesn't do everything that is necessary to make your lawn beautiful. At Hoffer, we value our customers. It took a lot for us to find each other and we want to keep this relationship going. That is why we created our Total Lawn Care program. Not only does it sound a lot better than Partial Lawn Care, it describes exactly what it does. This package has everything your lawn needs. Nothing important is left out.

When you have someone come over and cut your grass, you're only getting partial lawn care. Your Florida lawn needs a lot more than a trim. It needs the right fertilizer to keep it strong and healthy. It needs the right products applied to fight against diseases and fungi that can eat away at everything green in your yard. You need the right control products applied to keep weeds from choking your lawn turf. You're not going to get that with partial care.

Let's say you order lawn care and the lawn company you hire doesn't take care of your grub problem? Even though you have the right fertilizer, the right weed killer, and the right products to fight turf diseases you're still going to get dry brown patches in your lawn. Total care requires more than an understanding of what your lawn needs, it is understanding what your lawn doesn't need as well.

Our Total Lawn Care package will give your lawn the nutrients it needs, the weed and disease protection it needs, and will work to protect it from the things it does not need, things like chinch bugs, army worms, grubs, moles, crickets, and other invasive pests. You see, we're not just a lawn care company; we're also a nationally recognized, GreenPro certified pest control company. Our team is educated in horticulture and pest management. That's why we can offer a plan called Total Lawn Care.

It is important to point out that Total Lawn Care is not the same as total "yard" care. But don't worry. If you're concerned about your shrubs and ornamentals, we've got you covered. Our Master Yard Care services offer added service for your ornamentals. You'll get the same total care for your shrubs that you're getting for your lawn. That means granular fertilizer applications, two systemic insect applications, and protection from disease, as needed.

Don't settle for partial lawn and ornamental care. Get Total Lawn Care from Hoffer Pest Solutions, and know for sure that your lawn will be beautiful.

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