It's Not Too Late to Give Your Garden a Fall Face-Lift!

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas looming in the not so distant future, you have reached the final days to prepare your garden for winter with a fall face-lift. After the long, hot summer with its storms, weeds, insects, and disease your garden is in need of some TLC; and what better way than with a plant ‘spa’ treatment. “What exactly is a plant ‘spa’ treatment,” you ask. Well, here’s the plan:

Step One: A deep cleansing. That’s right! Pull up those weeds and those dead or mostly dead annuals. Dig up those non-hearty bulbs and store them for spring.

Step Two: A new cut. You always feel better after a new cut and your garden does too! Cut back the dead branches on trees and shrubs (leave the heavy pruning for spring!) Also, cut back those perennials that have grown out-of-control all summer so that they are more manageable.

Step Three: A wrap! Yes, wrap up those bushes, shrubs, and trees that were planted this past spring to give them extra protection from whatever the winter throws at them.

Step Four: A new moisturizer. Be sure to thoroughly water your garden before the first freeze to ensure it stays well hydrated throughout the entire winter.

Step Five: A new accessory! Mulch is the go to in garden accessorizing. Once the first freeze of the season hits, apply fresh mulch to protect those delicate root systems. And because we all love different accessories - you may prefer to choose adding a new layer or two of soil instead.

Step Six: A new wardrobe. This is the perfect time to plant your fall ‘hearty’ flowers such as mums, aster, viola, sedum, and pansies to name a few. It is also time to add some fall-planting bulbs as well.

If you don’t have the time or the expertise to give your garden the ‘spa’ treatment this fall, don’t panic! The South Florida lawn care specialists at Hoffer Pest Solutions can help! Our highly trained technicians are experienced and knowledgeable and can turn even the toughest garden into the belle of the ball! When you hire the Hoffer team you can count on our ‘day at the spa’ for your garden to maintain a beautiful, healthy garden all year long! The added curb appeal your home receives will be the envy of the neighborhood! Contact us today and experience the Hoffer difference!

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